Jessica Dean, RD, CDN

When she was younger if you asked Jess' family if she was an athlete they would look at you funny and think “Jess? Our Jess?” But, she always knew she was an athlete, maybe not your “typical” athlete but rather a person who was always active. Jess grew up dancing in everything from little recitals to Nutcracker productions. When not dancing, you could find her rollerblading, racing her friends on bikes or creating something in the kitchen. From a young age she loved nutrition and fitness.

In high school Jess tried a few different sports but didn’t really like any of them. So she joined a gym and loved it. She got her free personal training session and did that one routine over and over again. In college, she continued to workout but never ventured out beyond the machines and treadmill. “That” other section of the gym with metal plates, bars and dumbbells was so intimidating, so she stayed away.

Soon after college Jess had her first child. She was then faced with the challenge of balancing motherhood, being a wife, working and trying to maintain her fitness level. She quickly became the queen of the exercise video. After daughter #1 she did Tae bo, daughter #2 Windsor Pilates, daughter #3 Turbo Jam. She finally had enough and decided to try the gym again. With a goal in mind, she set out to be in great shape by her 30th birthday. She read everything she could get her hands on. Ditching the machines Jess grabbed the barbells and free weights. She forced herself to get over the fear of weightlifting. In a few short months her body changed and she was inspired. Soon after that Jess became a certified Personal Trainer and Les Mills Body Jam instructor. The fire had been lit inside her! She trained consistently and ran a ½ marathon in NYC. For Mothers day she asked for P90x, which she did for 90+ days. Still she craved something more and wanted to be with people who felt as passionate about fitness as she did. Thankfully a friend suggested CrossFit. During a google search she found the most amazing picture of a CrossFit female competitor running up a muddy hill with a sandbag on her back. Jess' first thought was: "I have to do that!"

On Nov 17, 2009 Jess' CrossFit adventures began.  Her first CrossFit WOD was “Cindy." She was instantly hooked. Today Jess still walks into the gym with excitement and she can honestly say that CrossFit has been one of the top life changing events in her life. Not only has CrossFit made her physically stronger but it has made her a better mother, wife, and person. It has taught her to not fear the unknown but to embrace it. CrossFit has taught her how to dig deeper in life and in workouts. For Jess there is no other way, there’s no looking back.

Jessica resides in Madison with her husband Alan and three daughters. 

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Graduate from UCONN and University of New Haven

Registered Dietitian (RD)

State of Connecticut Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN)

Member of Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition practice group

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CPR Certified


2017 CrossFit Games Master Qualifier (40-44) 58th (Worldwide)

2017 CrossFit Games Opens Finisher (40-44) 1st (Connecticut)

2017 CrossFit Games Opens Finisher (40-44) 13th (Northeast) 

2016 CrossFit Games Opens Finisher (Individual Women) 211th (Northeast)

2013 Northeast Regional Athlete---Individual Competitor

2011, 2012, 2013 Northeast Regional Qualifying Athlete

2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 Northeast Regional Team Competitor

2011, 2012, 2013, First Place CrossFit Legitimus Mom Competition

2010 Personal Trainer for NBC30 Biggest Loser

2010 NYC MORE 1/2 Marathon

Shane Kokoruda

Shane Kokoruda grew up in Madison and now lives here with his wife, Sharon, and three kids---Riley, Jacob, and Karleigh. He has always been an active person and athlete, playing football and lacrosse in High School and going on to play four years of lacrosse at Bates College. Today, in addition to being a crossfitter he is an avid runner, triathlete, skier/snowboarder, and golfer.

However, the active lifestyle that he enjoys today was not always the case. Like many of us, “life” began to get in the way and Shane’s career and growing family superseded the need and desire to stay healthy and active. As a result, he gained 40-50lbs and considered Madison “beer” league softball his primary source of exercise. Health and fitness simply were not a priority in his life.

In January of 2007 that all changed. Shane was challenged to do an Olympic triathlon (1 mile swim, 24 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run) by a good friend, and without hesitation he committed. As with most things in his life Shane jumped head first into this new world of triathlons and fitness, and six months later completed his first of many triathlons. Five years later, and 50lbs lighter, Shane completed his first full Ironman distance triathlon at the 2011 Lake Placid Ironman. He went from barely being able to run a mile to an “Ironman."

After the Ironman Shane needed a break from his triathlon training and, upon the urging of his brother, tried CrossFit. Needless to say Shane quickly became addicted to the methodology and community that is CrossFit. Shane has been crossfitting ever since and is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He loves coaching and helping people learn new skills and achieve things they never thought possible.

Outside of CrossFit, Shane is the Director of Information Technology for Eversource Energy. He is also Co-founder of the Jacob’s Team Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises money for Autism. Shane is the acting President of the Madison Youth Lacrosse program and enjoys coaching and watching his kids play sports. 

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CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer


Matt Bauer

As a lifelong athlete, Matt knows the rush and accomplishment created from competition. He grew up in Ohio playing soccer, hockey and baseball. During high school Matt won a state championship in soccer and earned All-Ohio honors in hockey. Matt played hockey in college and after graduating was still searching for something greater to maintain physical fitness.

In 2009 Matt discovered CrossFit and he has been hooked ever since. Matt is a level 1 CrossFit trainer and his passion as a coach/instructor is helping people of all ages gain confidence, reach fitness goals, and improve overall health.

Matt resides in Madison with his wife Allison, son Sam and daughters Taylor and Mackenzie. In his spare time, Matt sits on the Board of Directors for SARAH, Inc. and HealthyCT.

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CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Jeannie Young 

Jeannie grew up in Utah as the eighth of nine children with a very active and health conscious mother, so nutrition and physical fitness has always been a large part of her life.  In her childhood she dabbled in gymnastics and dance but by high school her attention turned to swimming and track & field. When she entered college she decided to continue her passion for fitness by majoring in it.  Jeannie has a BS degree in Fitness and Wellness Management from Brigham Young University.  She has experience in personal training as well as corporate wellness.  She managed the employee fitness center at the Millstone Power Plant, a job she loved because of the close community and personal interactions with the members.  When children came into the picture she chose to be a stay at home mom, but kept fitness instruction in the picture by completing certifications in Aerboics, Kickboxing and Pilates.

Jeannie was introduced to CrossFit in early 2011 and was instantly hooked!  She loved the challenge that CrossFit gave her and how empowering the Olympic lifts felt.  After training at a few local boxes for four years Jeannie decided to take the next step and complete the Level 1 course to become a coach. She loves helping others succeed in CrossFit and reach new levels of fitness and strength.

In addition to CrossFit Jeannie volunteers in the HK school district and is actively involved in church service. She lives in Killingworth with her husband Matt and their four children and enjoys running, hiking, reading and spending time with her family. 

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B.S. Fitness and Wellness Management

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

ACSM Exercise Physiologist

IM=X Pilates

CPR Certified 

Michelle Menard

Michelle grew up in Stamford, CT. Her love for sports began at a young age with swimming, tennis and skiing followed by years of softball, field hockey and ice hockey. She was the first girl on the boys' ice hockey team in high school! She exercised here and there through college and then tried a multitude of different workouts during the years after. Following a couple of sprint triathlons, she decided she would give CrossFit a try. Her husband, Matt, had been telling her for quite a while that she should check it out. After completing the benchmark WOD Cindy she was hooked! The rest is history. Michelle says she is in the best shape of her life thanks to CrossFit. She was immediately drawn to the HCF community for all of the friendships, support, challenges and fun it provides. She loves that she is able to coach athletes and help them achieve the multitude of goals that they seek. Her favorite part of coaching CrossFit is pushing athletes to work hard while having fun at the same time.

Outside of HCF, she is the co-President of the Ryerson School PTO, a member of the Madison Youth Lacrosse board, and team manager for both her son's football and lacrosse teams. She enjoys traveling, skiing, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Michelle resides in Madison with her husband Matt and two children, Colin and Annie. 

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B.S.- Marketing, Miami University (Oxford, OH)

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Steve Rozea, PT, DPT 

Injury prevention is the name of the game when it comes to embarking on an exercise journey. Just like a solid base of good nutrition, sound sleep, and having a plan for your fitness goals are essential, so is keeping your body tuned up. You don’t neglect rotating tires on a car, or changing its oil – so you shouldn’t ignore the maintenance on your body, either!

Steve is a graduate of Quinnipiac University’s Physical Therapy program with several years experience in outpatient orthopedics. He has also been a passionate CrossFit enthusiast for several years. Steve and his wife found CrossFit while working in Florida in 2012, and were instantly hooked. Throughout their travels, they were able to find great affiliates throughout Florida and Connecticut. In 2013, they bought a home in Madison and settled down, and continued pursuing CrossFit as a way of maximizing health and wellness. Steve completed his Level 1 CrossFit training in January 2014, and has been an instructor at a local affiliate since then.

Throughout his time as an instructor, Steve has done his best to combine the knowledge and resources that he has as a Doctor of Physical Therapy into the CrossFit community in Madison, CT. Steve is extremely excited to continue to make himself available to the community, and work with people to keep them safe in their endeavors to reach their fitness goals!

Steve resides in Madison with his wife, Kayla, their daughter Lucy, son Stevie, and dog Quinn.


B.S. Health Sciences, Quinnipiac University

D.P.T., Quinnipiac University

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Melissa McCormack 

Melissa’s love for sports began at an early age. Having three brothers, she spent most of her childhood at the ball field learning the ins and outs of the game. Her love for sports continued to grow as she grew older and eventually she became a competitive dancer for 12 years specializing in ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical. When she reached high school, she quickly joined the softball team and played 4 years as a varsity player.

After high school, Melissa attended Eastern Connecticut State University where she got her BS in child/youth psychology and an early childhood education teaching certificate. Throughout college, she stayed active by playing intermural sports including co-ed softball, floor hockey and volleyball. She also joined the dance club.

Melissa took her first group fitness class about 4 years ago and instantly fell in love with the atmosphere, the classes and the people! Group fitness completely changed her life. Shortly thereafter, she began training to become a Les Mills BodyCombat instructor and a level 1 Zumba instructor.

Melissa enjoys teaching a variety of classes such as BodyCombat, bootcamp, HIIT (high intensity interval training), tabata and boxing. As an instructor, Melissa challenges those who are looking to bring their fitness to a new level, taking the novices outside of their comfort zones and showing them that they can do anything they want with some motivation and support from an experienced coach. Her classes are intense, but full of energy and motivation.

When she is not coaching, Melissa will be participating in class right next to you! She also enjoys running in local road races and has completed 7 half marathons. Melissa has taken part in 2 Ragnar Relay Race series and has recently completed her first triathlon. She took on the challenge of her first mud run by completing the Tough Mudder at Mount Snow in 2012. Melissa plays in a coed beach volleyball league in the summer as well.

Melissa enjoys the company of her niece and nephew and spends much of her free time with them. She is a kindergarten teacher in Clinton and resides in Clinton too.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 


Matt Menard 

Growing up in Maine, Matt started played soccer, basketball and baseball at a young age and continued to play through high school. He was almost always outside playing and practicing (although he claims to still stink at dribbling a basketball). Matt continued sports into college, playing baseball for a year before giving it up in favor of studying. During his twenties he kept "fit" with mountain biking, a little running and a few days per week at a gym. He played a lot of golf, but that wasn't scratching his competitive itch, so he signed up for a couple of half-marathons.

After moving to Madison in 2009, Matt started running more and added biking and swimming to try his hand at triathlons. Over the following 2 years he participated in many road races, including the 2011 Lake Placid Ironman. Matt was addicted to the competition, but was tired of spending Saturday mornings in a bike saddle so he decided to try CrossFit, and was hooked (and sore) after his first class.

Matt says CrossFit gives him the best workout he has ever had in a single hour's time. He loves the variety of workouts, the challenge and the competition. Most important to Matt, the community is second to none. He is now in the best shape of his life and has CrossFit to thank for it.

Matt resides in Madison with his wife Michelle, son Colin and daughter Annie.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Rob Lavigne

From a very young age Rob was a competitive athlete. Ice hockey and football were his main passions, however not big enough to play either sport in college he traded his skates for skis and running shoes.  Rob spent a decade or so in the mountains of Colorado and Utah training and racing at high altitudes.  He has run countless marathons and races of other distances all over the Unites States, from New York to Anchorage. 

After moving back to the east coast from Utah a nagging injury, a growing family and a stressful new job got in the way of his previously active lifestyle. However, Rob discovered CrossFit in May of 2009 and his passion for fitness returned. Soon after starting CrossFit Rob received his CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificates and began coaching at Shoreline CrossFit in Branford, CT.  In 2013 he founded his own CrossFit box in Bethany, CT and also obtained his CrossFit Kids Certificate. 

Rob now enjoys coaching the athletes at HCF and attributes much of his current fitness and athletic success to CrossFit.  

Rob lives in Madison, CT with his wife Jess and their three children, Aiden, Carrig and Evelyn. 

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Kids 

Jess LaVigne, Phd, RYT

As a lifelong athlete and foodie, Jess' biggest passion in life is gaining knowledge and sharing it with others. She is a crossfitter, yogi, runner, skier, paddleboarder, adventure racer, lacrosse junkie, and most important a wife and mom.

Jess began college by studying Nutrition, mostly because it meant she got to cook in class! Her first real job out of college was with a Sports Nutrition Company where she gained valuable experience which led her to deepen her study of nutrition on the graduate level. She has several degrees and certificates in the field of Nutrition, Sport Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Jess worked for about 15 years developing nutrition and training protocols for trainers and professional athletes.  This also included developing Sport Nutrition Products such as bars, drinks and supplements to go along with the training protocols. 

Jess began practicing yoga in the early 1990's after a friend encouraged her to mix it in with her distance running. Over the next decade Jess continued to practice Power Yoga and then in the early 2000's, when Jess became a mom for the first time, she completed her certification to teach yoga.  She has studied many different types of yoga from Core Strength Vinyasa to Restorative YIN Yoga. Jess' focus in her last 300 hours of training was yoga for athletes and yoga therapy for injury and illness. Jess loves teaching yoga to all skill levels and believes in a healthy balance of training through CrossFit, taking care of mind/body/spirit (and spine!) through Yoga, and nourishing from the inside out through nutrition. 

Jess lives in Madison, CT with her husband Rob and their three children.


B.S. Biochem Pre-Med/B.A. French Lit

M.S. Exercise Science with Graduate Certifications in Human Kinesiology and Exercise Pysiology

Phd Dietary Science with concentration in Sport Nutrition

500 hour RYT (International Yoga Alliance)

CrossFit Endurance

Chi Running Certification

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer