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Our Nutrition Services include:

  • Sport Team Nutrition Workshops
  • 1-1 Coaching for Adults
  • 1-1 Coaching for Youth Athletes
  • Corporate Wellness programs
  • Body Kindness and Intuitive Eating Counseling
  • Creating a HAES/Body Positive Environment for Gym owners
  • Weight Stigma, Body Kindness and Disordered Eating Counseling for Women and Teens
  • 8 Week Finding Peace With Food and Body Workshop

Topics for Sport Team Workshops and Coaching Sessions

Nuts and Bolts of Sports Nutrition

  • The Role of each Macronutrient (Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat)
  • Portions sizes of Foods (How to Weigh and Measure)
  • Breakdown of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat needs

Fueling Plan and Individual Planning

  • Basic Calorie Calculations to Support Activity/Performance
  • How to Assess Your Calorie Needs Accurately

How to Pick Food to Support Performance

  • How to Read Food Labels and Determine Food Value To Support Activity
  • What it is and How to Avoid the Halo Effect
  • How to Navigate the Grocery Store

Hydration and Supplements

  • Calculate Sweat Rate
  • Develop Hydration Plan
  • Using Sports Drink

Fueling for Trainings

  • Fueling for Practice and Games
  • Pre and Post workout Snacks
  • Sample Snacks/Recipes

Game Day Nutrition

  • Best Fast Food Options
  • Meal Prep and Packing for Eating on the Road
  • On the Go Snack Ideas and Portable Sources of Protein

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplementation

  • The Role of Calcium and Vitamin D
  • Iron Needs for Athletes
  • What Foods are Best to Support Growing Athletes

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