Dietitian vs. Nutritionist

What’s the Difference Between a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a Nutritionist?

As a Dietitian, Jessica Dean gets asked this question all the time! The biggest difference lies in the depth, scope, length, and type of formal education and training.

The term nutritionist isn’t regulated so technically, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, even with no formal training or certification. That’s scary!

Registered Dietitian has a specific meaning. That title requires 1) a minimum of a four year college degree from an accredited university’s program that includes specific course work in human physiology, nutrition science, and other sciences 2) a 1200 hour supervised hands-on internship 3) passing a comprehensive examination and 4) completing ongoing continuing education

RDs are also held to a professional code of ethics.

To ensure that you are receiving excellent care and reliable information seek out a Registered Dietitian.

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