Jess LaVigne, Phd, RYT

As a lifelong athlete and foodie, Jess’ biggest passion in life is gaining knowledge and sharing it with others. She is a crossfitter, yogi, runner, skier, paddleboarder, adventure racer, lacrosse junkie, and most important a wife and mom.

Jess began college by studying Nutrition, mostly because it meant she got to cook in class! Her first real job out of college was with a Sports Nutrition Company where she gained valuable experience which led her to deepen her study of nutrition on the graduate level. She has several degrees and certificates in the field of Nutrition, Sport Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Jess worked for about 15 years developing nutrition and training protocols for trainers and professional athletes. This also included developing Sport Nutrition Products such as bars, drinks and supplements to go along with the training protocols.

Jess began practicing yoga in the early 1990’s after a friend encouraged her to mix it in with her distance running. Over the next decade Jess continued to practice Power Yoga and then in the early 2000’s, when Jess became a mom for the first time, she completed her certification to teach yoga. She has studied many different types of yoga from Core Strength Vinyasa to Restorative YIN Yoga. Jess’ focus in her last 300 hours of training was yoga for athletes and yoga therapy for injury and illness. Jess loves teaching yoga to all skill levels and believes in a healthy balance of training through CrossFit, taking care of mind/body/spirit (and spine!) through Yoga, and nourishing from the inside out through nutrition.

Jess lives in Madison, CT with her husband Rob and their three children.


B.S. Biochem Pre-Med/B.A. French Lit
M.S. Exercise Science with Graduate Certifications in Human Kinesiology and Exercise Pysiology
Phd Dietary Science with concentration in Sport Nutrition
500 hour RYT (International Yoga Alliance)
CrossFit Endurance
Chi Running Certification
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer